Best Ways to Attract Women?

by admin on November 22, 2011

Alright, today we have this post called “Best Ways to Attract Women” by another one of those so called “pick up artists”. I have news for you fellas, the cheesier the line, the cheesier the girl. If you want to pick up some bar fly with some crappy line then wait in an equally crappy line to get an STD test, go for it.

Generic lines work for generic lives. Think one line would work on all the ladies above? No way.

If you’re still curious and somewhat desperate and want to know how the best ways to attract women might be, then check out the link below. Our advice from Dating Sites . Me is to be yourself, even though it sounds so old. It’s the only way you’ll meet someone who you’ll click with and not live some bogus lie.

Full article here.

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